The schnitzel house

Weißer Hase on the Moritzplatz in Augsburg

Traditions are infinitely valuable and enrich our fast-moving times with ideas and warmth. The history of the city of Augsburg goes back over 2000 years, and you can feel and experience it everywhere. And our restaurant on the Moritzplatz, the “Weißer Hase”, is part of this history.

It opened 200 years ago as the “Däumlingsches Kaffeehaus” in the Annastraße; later it became the “Café Schachameyer”, in 1989 it changed to the pub “Weißer Hase” and later received even more names. After its takeover by the Seferi brothers in 2011, the restaurant is now called by the name that links it to the famous Augsburg beer: “Weißer Hase”.

In 2016 there was a kitchen fire, followed by the opportunity to resettle the “Weißer Hase” in the heart of Augsburg. The Weißer Hase found a new home in the rooms of the former Capitol, right in the historic centre of Augsburg.

No sooner said than done. After extensive renovation work we can now welcome you on the Moritzplatz, right by the Merkurbrunnen fountain. Enjoy our traditional Bavarian cuisine and the best beers in town. In addition, we place a great value on sustainability and an individual gastronomic experience. In order to maintain the quality of our menu, we always work closely together with producers and suppliers from the surrounding area. And you can taste it!

Schnitzel plate

We recommend:

Eat as much schnitzel as you like!

Put together you schnitzel plate just as you like it. Big appetites are welcome to order 2, 3 or more extra slices. Here with us you can order until you are well fed!


Henry´s Coffee To go

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Brotzeit board
Table with food

Watch the Weißer Hase (white hare) run!

Welcome to the Weißer Hase in Augsburg. Here with us you can find Bavarian and Swabian cuisine to suit every taste. In our restaurant, centrally situated in the Old Town right on the Moritzplatz, you can enjoy hearty Bavarian specialities such as various kinds of schnitzel, home-made Käsespätzle (cheese pasta) and juicy steaks. Delicious desserts by Henry’s Coffee round off our offer. We focus on first-class quality such as Bavarian pork, turkey and veal. Whenever possible, we also use regional products for other ingredients.

Chanterelles in the Weißer Hase


Cream of chanterelle soup – 4.90 €


Colourful summer salad bowl – 11.90 €

with fried chanterelles (vegan)

Chanterelles in cream – 14.90 €

with bread dumplings

Rump steak with pepper and cream sauce – 14.90 €
Weißer Hase schnitzel plate 16.20 €

with veal, turkey and pork schnitzel, served with chips

Allgäu schnitzel plate 15.30 €

with veal and pork schnitzel and mushroom sauce, served with spätzle (German pasta)

Apricot dumplings with vanilla sauce – 4.90 €

Hase To go!


As of now, we are also offering various daily specials as takeaways along with our on-site business. Perfect for your lunch break or to eat at home. If you are in a hurry, just order in advance by phone.



An address with over 400 years of tradition

Weißer Hase in the Capitol – Schnitzel House

The history of the city of Augsburg shows that our house on the Moritzplatz was a desirable property a good 400 years ago. Jakob Fugger the Elder sold it to a brewer who probably also served food. Up until 1851 it was the home of the “Goldene Löwe”, the brewery was then moved out.

From 1902 the pub was known as the “Gambrinus-Keller” and later did indeed move into the basement, while up above modern shops were the new feature of the inner city.

After the First World War, the cinema age began. The whole of Augsburg was attracted to the silver screen under the “Palast-Lichtspiele” logo. After the end of the silent film era, this city centre cinema called itself “Capitol”.

The cinema enchanted people up until 1999, and then it was all over. The name remained, but instead of James Bond and Julia Roberts you would now find a gastronomic mix of steaks and vegetarian dishes.

Today the Weißer Hase continues this old and honourable tradition – with genuine Augsburg Hasen Beer and classic treats: classic in style and yet quite contemporary.

Cocktails and more
Beer garden

Restaurant & Bar right in the centre of the city!

In summer – the place to be

In summer, the centre of Augsburg invites you to spend your time strolling and indulging yourself. The wonderful architecture and numerous shops in the nearby pedestrian zone invite visitors from all over the world to come into the Old Town. The Augsburg Rathausplatz is only a few minutes away from the restaurant on foot. Our restaurant, the Weißer Hase, is right in the centre. Visit us for lunch, after a shopping trip, to get into the mood in the evening or just spend a few sociable hours in the beer garden. Thanks to our central location, you will always find a good reason for popping into the Weißer Hase. We also offer a very varied menu dishes for all tastes.

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